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© - is a logic game for clever boys and girls (including a blonde the blondes), developed in the glorious city of Sarov, where are live and work Vadim Bashurov comrades.

Standard Edition
6 towers
8 towers
10 towers
Participation in the Super Cup*
Sending the results of the game server
Obtaining data from the game serve*
Training mode
Number of available layouts 10000000**
* Please note that the functionality depends on the country subscriber. Currently only supported by Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but we are working to increase the list of supported countries. .
** The maximum number of layouts available depends on your game IQ.
The game uses SMS channel for communication with the game server if you want to publish their results on the server and thereby increase their IQ, just let the game to send the appropriate premium SMS with the results. The price depends on the country the subscriber for more information see list of supported countries. .

For iPhone available version of the game Towers of Africa

The game contains 35 complex puzzles already played on The game sends the result to

Version for OS Android is here Six Towers

12 free puzzles and 1000000 of paid puzzles. The game sends the result to


Developers do not bear any responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of use (the inability to use) the game, including (but not limited to) missed business opportunities because of the wasted time spent on the game.