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You must collect colored TOWERS

Each tower shall be composed of seven bricks of the same color.

The goal - to collect all the towers for the smallest number of moves

  • The tower must be constructed of 7 bricks of one color, for example, GREEN TOWER consists of seven green bricks.
  • At the bottom of the tower should be the widest brick with the number 6.
  • On the brick 6 should be based on a brick with the number 5 of the same color.
  • On the brick 5 should lie with the number "4" brick of the same color.
  • On the brick 4 should be based on a brick with the number 3 of the same color.
  • On the brick 3 should lie brick with a 2 of the same color.
  • On the brick 2 should lie brick with number 1 of the same color.
  • And at the very top of the tower should be at most a narrow brick building with no inscriptions.

How to shift the bricks

Click on any column - the upper brick and rise. Now click on another column - raised brick falls to the specified location on the rule of bricks.

Terms Brick

  • A brick can be placed on an empty space.
  • Bricks can be put to bigger bricks of the same color.
For example, the green brick with the number 4 can be put on a blank space or a green brick with the figure 5 or 6. And nowhere else it is not allowed.


  • African Towers - easy level - gather 6 towers.
  • Hanoi Towers - more complex level - gather 8 towers.
  • Russian (Sarov) Towers - very difficult level - gather 10 towers.


  • You can select any of the existing site 999999 apportionments.
  • Every hand has its own number from 1 to 999999.
  • Not all classifications can be collected.
  • First 60000 layouts - are extremely complex - for professional builders such as Alex from Sarov.

Each layout has own number

  • The best result of each hand is recorded in the global network.
  • The task master - to improve results or to repeat it.
  • Excellent results (eg, less than 70 points for Russian Towers) notes a star.


  • To save your statistics, you must register.
  • If you are feeling shy, you may not be submitted. However, you will be free prizes and gifts.
  • IQ is equal to the number of excellent results (the tower was built for less than 100 moves), which nobody in the world played better than you.

Regular Rank for your figure mind (IQ) which is recalculated once a day.